Inchara Shivalingaiah

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HEY!!! :)


Soo, I made this website when I was in 8th Grade (when I was 13), and I just feel so emotionally attached to it that even though I think it's really kiddish, so I don't want to get rid of it. It hasn't been updated much, and I like keeping that side of me alive here, like a childhood memory :)
p.s: please don't mind the advertizements :P I just couldn't part with the webhosting service since my website's had its nice little home here for almost a decade :D
p.p.s : Though if you're using Firefox, download the addon called adblock plus so it gets rid of all the ads! really helps :D


What's New?

I've been working in Microosft for a year now, and I recently got married :) Yay!! :)