Inchara Shivalingaiah

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I'm Inchara Shivalingaiah ,just graduated from UCLA, and I'm working in Microsoft :) MSRIT-IBM-UCLA-Microsoft. Love the journey so far, looking forward to a lot more :) 


I used to be crazy about snaps, before I got into a cold weather place where I end up wearing the same few jackets and stopped :P SO here's the time before that change happened. Although this may not fully qualify as a photo album, its more like a narrative story. 

You'll find links about everything that I like here. However, I haven't still added stuff about my workplace(IBM and Microsoft), since that would just make it a bit too professional! If you really want to know about the geek in me, you could click here :P :D 

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever