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Chess n ME

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Having played since the age of 5 and having been a former National player to score among the top 5, I have loved Chess all through my life!  i just love playin it still n winnin challenges with people through it;)! <especially when guys can't stand losing to girls ;) >


I started playing in tournaments when i was 5, but I didn't quite have that many snaps when I was young!

More of my chess tournaments were individual till I joined MSRIT.. and then i gathered a team in MSRIT and got to captain it in my first year of engineering! we had been to the VTU tourney in mysore in 2006(whose snaps are above) and I must say,  the team's one of the best bunch o brains i have met!:D!
In 2007, our team represented MSRIT in Ranebennur for the VTU tourney and we won the 2nd place!! That was loads of fun toO!!:)


But nothing beats this - I repeat, NOTHING! :) 6th Feb 2011- I won the best Women's prize in the NIIT Intercorporate chess tournament, and then got into the top 10 unrated players list, which qualified me to play a game with VISHWANATHAN ANAND! This was the best it could ever get :) He's been my idol all through and I was totally overjoyed to play with him :) Some of the pictures are in the album here :D


"If you don't win, it's not a great tragedy - the worst that happens is that you lose a game."

- Bobby Fischer