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Oh i just love all of them!! My first priority ALL TIME!!The picture on the right was taken in March 2009 during our trip in Ahmedabad:) I've never been away from them until now and I miss them so much! :-O



OH dad!! He's called Cdr.Shivalingaiah, yeah a commander in the navy before he took the VRS.. so proud of him (bet u'l be too when u hear his stories in the ship!) , He's a major football fan, n an x college kabaddi,chess  n football player.. well now all he sticks to is winning billiards and bridge tourneys interclubs!He's passed on his chess craze to us though! besides that, he's just the best conversationalist n you'll go ohh! wow! when u listen to him speakin bout his adventures!  And inspite of being so talented, he was a Bangalore University rank holder from the Engineering batch of Electronics in UVCE back then!! Awesome right? :D He's jus tooo cooL! Love hiM loadds!!



MOM- Mrs Indira - She's the best! Its amazing, havin all the girl talks with her , and she's just the best to convince dad fer things we so love to do n might be a li'l hesitant to ask him ourselves! While dad's responsible for our chess, mom is for our dance! she jus loves dancin n is the best critic for us ! Oh n u should see her drag dad onto the dance floor to ballroom dance with him in parties! Be it her deserts or her encouragin us fer any new talent we pick up, she's just the best!Love her big time!

SIS- Ishika Shivalingaiah- I could jus fill up the website speaking about her! she's my diary come alive! She inspired me to dance n play chess, n thanks to that, im better than her in both[;)]! We just make up our own sign language n know what the other is going to say at any point in time! She pops up with the best advice, with such a convincing tone fer everything she says!She recently switched companies from Infosys to Deloitte. She's won tonnes o dance competitions all through her college and corporate life, and tonnes more in chess :D! Although she got married a while back, I'm still trying hard to get used to living without her! She's jus the most lovable thing ever~!:)



Dhiren Suresh Makhija, the new entrant to our family , my brother in law! :D Though he just got married to my sister a while back, it feels like I've known him for so long as he gets his way into friendships quite easily! :D I bet that'll take him places , considering it'll add to his IIMA graduate degree! He started off with his entrepreneurship after graduating and now he works in Cable and Wireless! Besides these achievements, he's also been a state level tennis player! He's an amazing JIJU and keeps my sister just so happy. They're just too cute together ! :D All in all, he's a great guy, an all rounder and just like the best elder brother anyone could have!:D

An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship.  ~Spanish Proverb