Inchara Shivalingaiah


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I've had one of my best times in M.S Ramaiah Institure of technology, the college i graduated from ,completing my engineering in Computer Science.. Its just been loads of fun here n I probably grew up the most while i was here :D Its affiliated to the Visveswaraya Technology University, Karnataka



I joined MSR on sep 29th 2005.. Its crazy here.! Buzzing around with activities,it gives jus the amount of exposure u need! Its lovely havin practically all sorts o ppl here! Some o the snaps are in the flash file above! :)
The beginning of college was made fun by Priyanka Bharadwaj and Rahul PR from NPS and then I loved the kinda friends that I got close to later on, who were so much into games and made me realize how much i loved puzzles :D (Lisa Gracias, Deepthi Shetty, Nischit Ranganath, Suyog HC, Sarang Bharadwaj, to name a few! )  And then ofcourse my immediate seniors, who were just so much fun to hang out with! :)
You might see a lot of my snaps in sarees, its because we never brought in cameras on other days :P I just so miss everything about college :D

"I have never let college interfere with my education. -- Mark Twain"